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About us

Who are we?

“Friends of VBS 22” is the parent teacher association for bilingual classes at Theodor Kramer School; an elected team of parents working together with VBS teachers to support students and parents. It is our mission to support bilingual schooling both financially and ideologically. As an association there are two levels of organisation, on the one hand dealing with structures, activities, the budget and meetings, and on the other hand connecting and working with people (students, teachers, parents, the Principal).

Members of the association consist of all parents or legal guardians of pupils attending bilingual classes as well as all VBS teachers.


What do we do?

In a nutshell – we support and further bilingual education at our school.

In detail that involves:

Liaising with the Principal, teachers, representatives of other VBS schools and occasionally the Board of Education on practical and policy issues

Representing the views of the parents, advising parents on formalities, mediating in disputes

Keeping parents up-to-date via e-mail and our web site

Financial management of parents´ contributions and the subsequent purchase of teaching materials

Holding two annual meetings

Working in close co-operation with the school-wide Parents’ Association

Supporting school events and activities


Parents´ Contributions

Each family is asked to pay a contribution (currently €100 per semester – amount set at the AGM).  These funds principally cover the cost of additional teaching materials, particularly English ones, that are not provided by the Government, giving our teachers the flexibility to choose materials to provide and enhance a bilingual learning experience.

Day-to-day expenses such as photocopies, art materials, excursions and additional courses are also covered – the idea being that students need not be asked to pay small amounts of cash each time something crops up.

The VBS budget also supports worthwhile activities that all students have the opportunity to benefit from during the course of their school career – the Library, Electron Microscope, Matura gifts, the Austrian Young Physicists’ Tournament, etc.


Do you have questions, need more information, want to get involved?

Everyone is welcome to attend the two annual meetings where current issues are discussed and questions answered.  Alternatively, the board members are available to speak to parents individually, if you wish to contact them please use the “Contact Us” page on this web site.

If you wish to get involved please consider joining the team, either as general support or as an elected board member – our association´s success depends on volunteers!